Dec. 6th 2021

article: Solidifies the Code of Don't Be Evil

   Today has incorporated the mantra of Don't Be Evil for its corporate policy of
   its code of ethics. will use this as an irrevokable pledge to the Internet Community 
   that listening to employees to do the right thing with the code of Don't Be Evil is at the cornerstone of, how it operates and functions to provide quality searches for the world.

Sept. 15th 2021

article: Goes 100% Privacy Protection Mode

   The privacy of people of the Internet community has been championed also by
   Changes to the proprietary source code of so that log files are not created or
   stored has been submitted, approved, and is in effect from this day and everyday forward!
   "Today is a great day for the privacy of the world!", says Stan Switaj, CEO/Lead Programmer.  Searching
   the Internet is much more reassuring that privacy is a key cornerstone to getting search engine results.
   Billions of the Internet community can search are freer with privacy protected.  People can be who they are
   and search for what their passionate about with the comfort that privacy is guaranteed.  And
   is determined to the Internet community being able to express themselves and be proud of who they are, what they stand for,
   and what their passionate about, with privacy as a right whenever they search with
   Please note that keywords are algorithmically monitored for public safety and the protection of children, as everyone can agree with.

Sept. 3rd 2021

article: Creates a Modular Search Algorithms

   Using Python3 and PostgreSQL is proud to achieve a milestone with its own
   dynamic search algorithm.  A solid marathon programming session of 20+ hours with coffee breaks is
   just what it required for Stan Switaj, CEO/Lead Programmer to create a dynamic search modular algorithms to
   run  "Search algorithms was something I've been fascinated with for quite
   some time, and at least the last 4-5 years, trying to innovate how such a programming task to
   search could be done.  So after completing the initial programming, it's quite an achievement," 
   says Stan Switaj.  As for investors, they should be happy to know that 
   continues to make progress to make a world class search engine for the Internet community and Internet    

Aug. 28th 2021

article: Incorporates as a C Corporation is officially a C Corporation.  Its goal is to create a search engine to get 
   quality results and provide the searches to the Internet community.